Venison Donations

In partnership with Hunters Sharing the Harvest, the Chester County Food Bank is part of a program to provide venison and wild game to feed the hungry in our area.

BUTCHER FEES COVERED – If you donate your deer through one of the butchers listed below, the butcher will process the deer meat into ground venison free of charge to the hunter and on your behalf, donate the meat to the Chester County Food Bank. Venison is a healthy source of protein that will help provide much needed nutrition to the 70,000 people in Chester County that struggle daily to get the food the need.

Please contact one of these butchers for more information:

269 Long Lane
Honey Brook, PA  19344
Ph:  610-273-2629
Hrs: Call for drop-off   


48 Furnace Road
Quarryville, PA  17566
PH:  717-786-7398
M – F  7AM – 4PM  SAT.  8AM – 12PM        


1098 West Bridge Street
Phoenixville, PA  19460
PH:  610-935-1777
M – TH  7AM – 7PM  SAT.  7AM – 6PM
SUN.  9AM – 10:00AM

Home School Garden Project

For home school students Mavis (pictured center) and Wylie (on right), this project is what you call a snow day.

Mom Megan Bushnell, (left), got her family and another family involved in making this Model Raised Bed Garden using model clay and other supplies. Its amazing…these pictures do show the detail of the vegetables molded and colored exactly like carrots, squash, cabbage and zucchini. Plus, the ground is authentic Chester County sheep wool. The project was designed and created by: Megan Bushnell, Kelly Dillon, Laura Florence, Mavis Florence-Bushnell, Wylie Florence-Bushnell and Eva Rutledge.

The model garden will be used at speaking engagements to illustrate the ways our Raised Bed Gardens are popping up all over Chester County. Real Garden beds are tended to by volunteers who plant and harvest the food for local food pantries. It’s a great way to help feed the hungry in our area and get involved with gardening.

Want to know more? Contact Program Manager Phoebe Kitson at the Food Bank.

Man Finds Help at West Chester Food Cupboard

A 53-year-old man, who had recently lost his job.  He had to drop out of his college classes and was waiting for unemployment assistance.  When he came to the Food Cupboard he had no income and no food.

“When I first found myself unemployed, not knowing how long it would take to receive benefits, I found myself for the first time in my life needing to reach out and not knowing how to do it.  I had been working full time and taking college classes. I could not believe it. I felt embarrassment, anguish and frustration at the situation I now found myself in, having to reach out for help.  I went to look for help with my head down, hoping no one would see me, and feeling shame. Yet I soon found out I wasn’t alone and that was my measure of consolation.  I have found the community support in West Chester to be above and beyond what a person could expect and every day I have heartfelt thanks to the community, volunteers of the churches, the food cupboards and the community at large.”

PS: This was in September 2009.  A recent conversation with him (January 2010) at the West Chester Food Cupboard revealed that he has started college classes again, he was looking for a room rather than an apartment to rent and was navigating the world of benefits and grants – he remains optimistic and very grateful for the help he has received.

Food Bank Helps Storm Victims

Violent wind and rain storms swept through Chester County PA on Thursday, June 24, 2010 leaving many residents without power. On Friday afternoon the Food Bank received a phone call from the president of the home owners association at Indian Run trailer park, located just ten minutes west of the Chester County Food Bank warehouse in Guthriesville, PA.

The 200+ park residents had lost most of their perishable food in the storm and had just been informed that power would not be restored until later that night at the earliest. The president of the home owner’s association, Shawn Moyer and wife Amanda were looking for help, and the Food Bank staff moved into action!

On Monday morning the Chester County Food Bank made an “Emergency Relief ” delivery to residents of the trailer park. They provided them with frozen meats, cheese, butter, eggs, and produce donated by Pete Flynn of Pete’s Produce Farm, as well as shelf-stable milk and some other non-perishables.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who were able to help the Chester County Food Bank successful respond to a situation like this.

College Student's Experience at Food Bank

Kevin Cresswell is a college student who used his time before Spring Semester to volunteer at the Food Bank. He is an International Business Major studying at the University of Denver.

We asked him to write up his experience to see if we could post it or use it somehow on our Web site..   Kind of a “What I did on my semester break instead of going to…… ”     This is it!    Cresswell_Spring_Break_2010

Teen Story

My church has been helping a local food cupboard with annual food drives. All the kids in our youth group know that what we do to help brings food to the people who really need it. Helping to give food is a good cause.