Our Programs

We’re growing a healthier community.

The Chester County Food Bank collects, stores and distributes food to over 90 food cupboards, meal sites and social service organizations. Since its beginning in 2009, the Food Bank has increased its distribution over 119% by distributing 2.1 million pounds of food (equivalent to over 1.7 million meals). The Food Bank partners with donors, volunteers, farmers, schools and businesses to address hunger and food insecuritiy with compassion and creativity. The generosity of time, talent and treasure shared by our community allows us to do more and better work each year. Click here to watch a video about how we are doing more in our community.


Everyone deserves fresh, healthy food.

Farm Partnerships
To strengthen the commitment to growing, the Food Bank brought on Bill Shick, as full time farmer to direct the agricultural programs. With the help of thousands of volunteers, CCFB grows and harvests at Chester County farms. The Food Bank in partnership with Pete’s Produce & Farm in Westtown (Pa), manages a sustainable year-round growing program so that we can continue to provide local, fresh produce even through the winter.
We grow more than 25,000 pounds of mixed vegetables at Springton Manor Farm,  Pete’s Produce & Farm and other area farms. In addition we grow approximately 90,000 pounds of sweet corn annually. In 2014, our farming program will expand with new farm partnerships. We will increase seedling production at our greenhouses at Springton Manor Farm and the Technical College High School at Pennocks Bridge. We will grow 50,000 seedlings for our partner farms and for our raised bed garden program.


We are doing more to nourish the 70,000 food insecure individuals,
families & children in Chester County.

Raised Bed Gardens & High Tunnels
In 2009, we started with just 25 gardens at six sites. We have now built 621 gardens at 122 sites. Of these sites, 216 gardens and eight covered high tunnels are located at 49 schools throughout the county.


The Outdoor Classroom at Springton Manor Farm
In partnership with the Chester County Parks & Recreation Department, we manage and maintain 22 raised bed gardens, two high tunnels, field production and a greenhouse for seedling production. The 300 acre farm, located in Glenmoore (PA) is maintained for educational and heritage purposes.  The Food Bank’s Outdoor Classroom enables us to provide hands-on learning techniques for students, teachers and the community.


Nutrition Education
Our newest initiative goes into the community, the classroom and the cafeteria to foster a healthier lifestyle for everyone.
The Food Bank offers education programs so children and adults learn how to cook with and incorporate more fresh produce into their diets.
A curriculum based program provides opportunities for children pre-K through grade 12 to learn about good nutrition and then apply this knowledge as they grow, harvest and sample fresh food from the school’s raised bed gardens and high tunnels that are donated by the Food Bank.
To help schools provide healthier choices in the cafeteria, and reduce costs, the Food Bank works with Chester County schools to enable them to procure locally grown produce through the Food Bank.


In the Kitchen
Our 7500 square foot commercial kitchen enables us to further extend our fresh food distribution by dehydrating, freezing and storing foods so that we can distribute quality produce no matter the season.  With the help of volunteers, the kitchen is an integral part of our partnerships with schools and in providing healthier choices in the cafeteria.