Meet the Team: Nick Popov, Director of Warehouse and Logistics

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As part of our reach into Chester County’s communities, we proudly present the first in a series of monthly stories highlighting one part of the Food Bank that works cohesively to feed, educate and introduce our programs into local residences, schools and businesses. We aim to give you valuable insight into what we do by sharing information about an individual who represents a specific department or partnership with our organization.

We’ve all heard that it takes a village to raise a child, and most people know The Chester County Food Bank helps to feed those in our local “villages.” But one vital and growing part of our operation is often overlooked—our hard-working drivers who manage the complex food distribution logistics that help move over two million pounds of food annually .

Fortunately, we have Nick Popov, who will be with the Food Bank for six years this June. He began as a driver learning the procedures, the partners, the roads and highways and grew into the perfect person to manage our massive distribution of food.

Nick was recently promoted to a senior staff position and has been described by co-workers and volunteers as hardworking, dedicated and humble. He now manages our team of drivers in addition to several other tasks required to handle the volume and traffic of food in and out of the Food Bank and on the roads of Chester County.

We asked Nick a few questions on what he does that makes his job so crucial to the team here at the Chester County Food Bank.

Briefly explain what your responsibilities are for CCFB.

My department handles many different tasks to get food from the Food Bank to our partner agencies. That includes:

  • Planning routes and deliveries
  • Coordinating with agencies to determine wants and needs
  • Overseeing the acceptance of food deliveries into our warehouse as well as the input into our inventory system
  • Mapping and efficiently plotting the warehouse
  • Maintaining our fleet

How many are in your staff and what are their responsibilities?

I work with four great employees:

  • Josh Fisher—Warehouse Receiving Coordinator
  • Bud Hannah—Driver/ Warehouse Associate
  • Philip Biaesch—Driver/ Warehouse Associate
  • Nathan Sletvold—Warehouse Associate

How many trucks are you responsible for and how much food can they hold?

We have 3 trucks and a van:

  • Truck one has six pallet spots capable of hauling 9,000 pounds.
  • Truck two has eight pallet spots capable of hauling 7,500 pounds.
  • Truck three has 12 pallet spots capable of legally hauling 10,000 pounds.

How many pounds of food would you estimate come through the CCFB channel of distribution (incoming and outgoing)?

In calendar year 2016, we processed:

  • Incoming food totaling 2,317,103 pounds.
  • Outgoing food totaling 2,580,226 pounds.

What would you consider your biggest challenges with distribution?

My team works hard to make sure we’re:

  • Meeting the needs of such a large and diverse county.
  • Getting people exactly what they want and when they want it (due to size of vehicles and availability of products).
  • Working my drivers’ schedules to match those of the volunteers at the agencies.

So if you see one of our brightly colored trucks or van out and about, give a friendly wave to our hardworking drivers—we certainly appreciate them!

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