Peeling the Onion: The 411 on the Chester County Food Bank

Posted on March 1, 2022 by Ed Williams

Since its inception in 2009, the Chester County Food Bank has been on a dedicated vision for a food secure Chester County, but do you know how we do it, what we promote or how the education that we provide benefits the community?

There are many life-changing layers of this onion to peel. CCFB does so much more than collect canned goods, sort fresh produce, and raise awareness of the need to help over 50,000 people. Take a look at the snapshot below.

The Who

A dedicated board of directors and a tireless staff work together with enthusiastic volunteers to come up with ways to benefit local communities through:

  • Distribution of fresh food and nonperishable items throughout the county through our network of hunger relief organizations and programs
  • Education & Wellness programs to educate on the benefits of food access, healthy food preparation, and teaching healthy cooking habits
  • Providing the means to organize and promote successful food drives and virtual fundraisers with schools, businesses, organizations, and individuals
  • Providing maps and lists of food cupboards, soup kitchens, and other hot meal sites for those in need and those who wish to help

The How

It takes a tremendous amount of people-power to bring about positive change in Chester County. Take a look at just a few examples of how the Food Bank makes an impact.

Food Drives and Virtual Fundraisers: Schools, corporations, and personal food drives are a valuable resource to acquire much-needed nonperishable items to stock the shelves of the distribution center.

Gardens: a network of nearly 100 garden sites provide fresh produce to local food cupboards from May through November.

Farms: Partnerships with local farms like Pete’s Produce Farm and Springton Manor Farm are essential in providing fresh produce to the Food Bank for distribution.

Commercial Kitchen: This first stop is where food is cleaned, sorted, and packaged by a core team of hard-working volunteers.

Distribution: The Food Bank operates from its sole facility in Exton, where food arrives from local farms, corporations, individuals and government programs to be prepped for over 160 cupboards, pantries and partners that are located throughout Chester County.

Food Sourcing: The Chester County Food Bank uses its financial resources to purchase perishable and nonperishable food for those in need throughout the year.

Education: The Food Bank teaches the community about the importance of healthy eating through education & wellness programs, recipes, cooking classes and the Fresh2You Mobile Market.

The Why

  • Be informed. Did you know that a single parent working to sustain a minimum wage job would need to work 80 hours per week to sustainably live in this area? Are you aware that 57% of food insecure households in Chester County, meaning that they lack reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food – are ineligible for government food assistance because their income is too high?
  • Donate. It’s no surprise that it takes time and money to help our neighbors. Every little bit helps. Donate today!

As you can see, there are many layers of the Chester County Food Bank. Fortunately, because of neighbors like you, the Food Bank can continue to make a difference in our community by providing assistance for individuals and families in need. Want to learn more? Check out the Food Bank’s website or “like” the Food Bank on Facebook or “follow” on Instagram for community facts, program highlights, and donation and volunteer opportunities.

The Chester County Food Bank is located at 650 Pennsylvania Dr. in Exton; phone: 610-873-6000.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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