Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Youndt
610-873-6000 ext. 102
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Ruby Abouraya
Administrative Associate
610-873-6000 ext. 101
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Development & Marketing

Anne Shuniak
Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications 
610-873-6000 ext. 103
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Claire Bergsten
Development & Database Associate
610-873-6000 ext. 107
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Terry Scholl
Donor Relations Manager
610-873-6000 x129
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Julia Gales
Institutional Development Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 104
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Lauren Van Dyk
Volunteer Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 122
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Michelle Berger
Planning and Evaluation Analyst
610-873-6000 ext. 112
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Finance & Administration

Beth Fantine
Director of Finance & Administration
610-873-6000 ext. 114
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Stephanie Trumpelman
Financial Administration Assistant
610-873-6000 ext. 123
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Distribution & Procurement

Nick Popov
Director of Warehousing & Logistics
610-873-6000 ext. 116
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Josh Fisher
Warehouse Receiving Coordinator
610-873-6000 ext. 110
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Catie Hargraves
Nutrition & Produce Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 125
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Nate Sletvold
Warehouse Associate
610-873-6000 ext. 110
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Tom Marsh
Transportation, CDL

Colin Mahoney
Transportation & Warehouse

Mason Kulp
Transportation & Warehouse


Sherry Zuech
Simple Suppers Courier


Agency Partnerships

Janet Zeis
Director of Agency Partnerships
610-873-6000 ext. 105
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Elyse Barletta-Sherwin
Agency Relations Coordinator
610-873-6000 ext. 132
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Claudia Rose-Muir
Direct Distribution & Procurement Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 109
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Food Security Initiatives

Wendy Gaynor
Director of Food Security Initiatives
610-873-6000 ext. 121
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Klielle Glanzberg-Krainin
Garden Program Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 115
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Ryan McCaughan
Garden Educator
610-873-6000 ext. 131
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Roberta Cosentino
Healthy Food Access Programs Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 113
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Max Kulp
Fresh2You Mobile Market Coordinator
610-873-6000 ext. 106
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Kimmy Kutzler
Fruit & Vegetable Prescription (FVRx) Coordinator
610-873-6000 x119
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Sol Noguera
Bilingual Outreach Educator (español)
610-873-6000 x124
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Bill Shick
Director of Agriculture Program 
610-873-6000 ext. 108
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Ryan Gaul
Field Production & Youth Education Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 108
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Culinary Programs & Workforce Development

Ranney Moran
Director of Culinary Programs
610-873-6000 ext. 126
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Amy Rossman
Workforce Development Manager
610-873-6000 x127
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Carey Snow
Kitchen Operations Manager
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Paul Zurick
Production Cook