Executive Director

Larry Welsch
610-873-6000 ext. 102
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Finance & Administration

Beth Lindsay
Director of Finance & Administration
610-873-6000 ext. 114
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Ricky Eller
Administrative & Program Assistant
610-873-6000 ext. 123
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Development & Marketing

Norman Horn
Director of Development
610-873-6000 ext. 104
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Julia Gales
Grant Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 104
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Anne Shuniak
Marketing & Communications Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 103
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Lisa Slawinski
Development & Database Associate
610-873-6000 ext. 107
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Larken Wright Kennedy
Volunteer Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 122
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Denise Sheehan 
Director of Special Projects & Planning
610-873-6000 ext. 106
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Paula Bower
Kitchen Operations Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 111
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Claudia Rose-Muir
Food Sourcing Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 109
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Nick Popov
Director of Warehousing & Logistics
610-873-6000 ext. 116
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Josh Fisher
Warehouse Receiving Coordinator
610-873-6000 ext. 110
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Philip Biaesch

Bud Hanna

Tom Marsh

Nate Sletvold


Agency Partnerships & Programs

Phoebe Kitson-Davis
Director of Agency & Community Partnerships
610-873-6000 ext. 105
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Iza Thiago Munoz
Agency Relations Coordinator
610-873-6000 x119
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Food Security Initiatives

Wendy Gaynor
Director of Food Security Initiatives
610-873-6000 ext. 121
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Raina Ainslie
Raised Bed Garden Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 115
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Michelle Berger
Program & Evaluation Coordinator
610-873-6000 ext. 112
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Roberta Cosentino
Fresh2You Mobile Market Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 113
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Alex Steinmetz
Fresh2You Mobile Market Assistant
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Bill Shick
Director of Agriculture Program 
610-873-6000 ext. 108
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