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Healthy, Low Cost Recipes

Our team has created an archive of healthy, affordable, and delicious recipes. These recipes are designed to utilize common food bank ingredients and seasonal produce. The recipes are flexible – consider swapping vegetables in recipes for what you have on hand. We hope these recipes inspire you to get cooking!

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Acorn Squash Harvest Bowl with Cauliflower RiceBy Chester County Food BankAcorn squash has a rich and nutty flavor, making it a wholesome addition to this delicious fall harvest bowl. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is not only a full of nutrients, but also adds vibrant color!
Apple Cinnamon OatsBy Chester County Food BankOats are a whole grain that are a great source of fiber, making oatmeal a tasty and filling breakfast! Add some flavor and texture to your oatmeal with apples and cinnamon or substitute your own favorite additions!
Banana Pepper QuickleBy Chester County Food BankMake your own zesty banana peppers at home with this easy refrigerator quick pickled pepper recipe.
Beans & Greens SautéBy Chester County Food BankIn the Fall, especially after the first frost, Collard Greens are at their best - both sweet and tender. Collards are best prepared when cooked low and slow.
Beet & Potato SaladBy Chester County Food BankInspired by the classic Ukrainian 'vinegret', which is a salad not the dressing, this vibrant dish is common during winter holidays since it features root vegetables but it is welcome to the table for any season!
Brussels Sprouts with ApplesBy Chester County Food BankThis is a perfect side dish for holiday meals, but we also think it will also convert the Brussels nay-sayers with its sweet, a little tart, and all-around deliciousness.
Butternut Squash and Mushroom Ris-OAT-toBy Chester County Food BankTraditional risotto is time consuming and arborio may not be a pantry staple, but you likely have oats. Risotto with oats? YES! Like arborio rice, oats get nice and creamy when cooked but also cook much faster. This recipe is very flexible - replace kale with spinach or collards. Try sweet potato in place of the squash.
Butternut Squash Mac & CheeseBy Chester County Food BankButternut squash is one of the most popular winter squash, with a sweet and nutty flavor. The squash mimics the color of cheddar cheese in this dish, cutting down on the actual amount of cheese you'll use.
Collard Wraps with Veggies & White Bean SpreadBy Chester County Food BankCollard leaves are bigger and stronger than most lettuce leaves so you can make burrito-like wraps. The creamy Great Northern Bean spread is similar to hummus so it's the perfect complement to the veggies.
Corn & Pepper Grain BowlBy Chester County Food BankMake the most of sweet, crunchy corn on the cob with this simple, healthy and most important tasty corn, pepper and hearty grain bowl. Like many of our recipes this is a great base and can easily be adjusted to your liking and the season.
Easy Turkey BrineBy Chester County Food BankBrining is submerging the turkey in a saltwater solution for 24 hours before roasting which helps the turkey retain moisture, tenderizes the meat, and adds flavor as we are seasoning all the way through.
Fruit Filled Overnight OatsBy Chester County Food BankThis easy overnight oats recipe is a healthy simple breakfast that you can make ahead for busy mornings!
Kale & Chickpea Salad with Curried VinaigretteBy Chester County Food BankCurry is a blend of spices and is made all over the world. Different regions have their own unique style and flavor. You can also try carrots instead of the radishes for a sweeter, less peppery flavor.
Kale & Potato CurryBy Chester County Food BankWhen it comes to kale, people tend to have strong opinions. If you lean away from kale, this super flavorful and easy recipe may just change your mind. Curries are also a great way to use lots of veggies and beans. Try adding carrots, peas, or chickpeas and serve over rice for a hearty meal.
Pac Choi & Pepper Stir FryBy Chester County Food BankThis recipe features pak choi - also known as bok choy, Chinese celery cabbage, and white mustard cabbage - is a member of the cabbage family. Pak choi is tender, with a flavor somewhere between a mild cabbage, celery and spinach.
Parmesan Crusted Acorn SquashBy Chester County Food BankGive acorn squash a flavor boost with this Roasted Parmesan Acorn Squash recipe. A delicious and easy side dish that's made with just 5 ingredients.
Peach & Tomato Summer SaladBy Chester County Food BankThis peach and tomato salad is a delicious way to taste and celebrate Summer! The combination of skin-on peaches and tomatoes of various colors, sizes, and shapes creates a sweet-savory salad.
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