Nutrition Education

Providing food to those at risk of hunger is only a part of our strategy to address food insecurity in Chester County. The Chester County Food Bank also seeks to improve the nutritional intake and health of food insecure households by:

  • Expanding access to nutritious food, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Improving attitudes toward nutrition and healthy eating among children and adults
  • Increasing skills and confidence related to cooking on a limited budget
  • Increasing the capacity of our partner agencies to offer nutritious foods and to promote healthy choices


We teach adults and children about making nutritious food choices and cooking with basic, low-cost ingredients through the following programs:

  • Taste It recipe demonstrations and tastings provide a fun way for individuals to try nutritious foods—especially fresh fruits and vegetables. We offer nutritious recipe samples and basic information about how to cook healthy food on a limited budget during distributions at local food pantries and cupboards; and at the Food Bank’s Fresh2You Mobile Market locations.
  • EatFresh offers hands-on cooking and nutrition classes, held in partnership with health clinics and other community organizations, that encourage youth and adults to develop the skills needed to select and prepare healthy meals.
    • EatFresh Kids– Young children have opportunities to try new fresh fruits and vegetables while assisting with simple food preparation. Kids gain positive attitudes toward a variety of nutritious foods while learning about basic nutrition.
    • EatFresh Adults– Participants take group classes that emphasize cooking nutritious foods such as fresh produce, whole grains, and healthy proteins. Through tasting and enjoying simple, culturally appropriate recipes, students develop skills to continue making positive food choices at home. Students also receive seasonal produce to share with their families.
  • Fresh2You Mobile Market brings fresh produce, healthy staples and nutrition education directly to areas of Chester County that lack access to affordable, nutritious food. To encourage customers to eat more fresh, nutritious produce, Fresh2You offers cooking demonstrations and tasting samples featuring seasonal recipes. Customers are able to take home easy-to-follow recipe ideas and tips on how to store and preserve fresh foods.


“I never thought to cook those things together. I am glad I tried it.”
– Taste It participant