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Our Team

Passionate & Committed

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Youndt (she/her)
610-873-6000 ext. 102
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Development & Marketing

Jeffrey Howard, CFRE (he/him)
Director of Development & Marketing 
610-873-6000 ext. 104
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Anne Shuniak (she/her)
Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications 
610-873-6000 ext. 103
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Michelle Berger, MPH (she/her)
Grant Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 112
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Abbey Gau (she/her)
Development Associate
610-873-6000 ext. 129
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Bhagawat Acharya
Database Coordinator
(speaks nepali

610-209-6000 ext. 107
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Advocacy & Government Relations

Nick Imbesi, MPA (he/him)
Senior Manager, Advocacy & Government Relations
610-873-6000 ext. 124
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Jocelyn Moore (she/her)
Community Resource Associate
610-873-6000 ext. 119
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Finance & Administration | Human Resources

Elizabeth Fantine (she/her)
Chief Financial Officer
610-873-6000 ext. 114
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Stephanie Carter (she/her)
Financial Administration Assistant & Business Continuity Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 123
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Tim Steinrock, SPHR, SCP
Director of Human Resources
610-873-6000 x105
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Agency Relations, Warehouse Operations & Distribution

José Frazier (he/him)
Chief Operating Officer
610-873-6000  ext. 109
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Karen Mudgett (she/her)
Senior Manager, Volunteer Services
610-873-6000 ext. 122
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Laura Bender (she/her)
Agency Relations Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 130
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Kim Lippin (she/her)
Community Resource Associate
610-873-6000 ext. 133
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Iliana Rivera Santiago (she/her)
Community Resource Associate
(hablo español)
610-873-6000 ext. 133
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Nate Sletvold
Warehouse Logistics & Inventory Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 126
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Tom Marsh
Transportation (CDL) & Warehouse

Drew Stuhlmuller (he/him)
Transportation & Warehouse

Andrew Stone (he/him)
Operations Associate

Eugene Tiggett (he/him)
Transportation & Warehouse

Damion Dixon (he/him)
Transportation & Warehouse

Education & Wellness

Catie Mahoney, MS (she/her)
Director of Food Access & Education
610-873-6000 ext. 125
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Kale Doughty (they/them/theirs)
Community Food Access Education Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 131
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Erika Mendez (she/her)
Community Food Educator (hablo español)
610-873-6000 ext. 132
Email Erika

Jade Menow (she/her)
Community Food Access Manager
610-873-6000 ext. 115
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Ashley Smith, MS, RD, LDN (she/her)
Nutrition Outreach Coordinator
610-873-6000 ext. 113
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Paige Nolt (she/her)
Seasonal Field Assistant

Will McCausland (he/him)
Seasonal Field Assistant

Richard Valentine (he/him)
Warehouse Inventory Associate
610-873-6000 ext. 110
Email Richard

David Wilder (he/him)
Agriculture Field Manager
610-873-6000 ext 108.

Maria Zavala (she/her)
Community Food Advocate (hablo español)

Culinary Programs & Workforce Development

Carey Snow (she/her)
Director of Culinary Operations
610-873-6000 ext. 121
Email Carey

Stephen Mitchell (he/him)
Production & Training Chef
610-873-6000 ext. 117
Email Stephen

Kyle Pettine (he/him)
Workforce Development Associate
610-873-6000 ext. 127
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Sherry Zuech (she/her)
Simple Suppers Courier