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Education & Wellness

Going Beyond Hunger

A Sustainable & Holistic Approach to Food Insecurity

The science of nutrition is clear: good eating habits can have dramatically positive effects on health and well-being.We work to enhance and accommodate the growth of our education and wellness programs in order to develop long-term solutions for addressing the root causes of food insecurity.

“When you’re trying to stretch your grocery dollars, it’s hard to buy healthy food. I’m so grateful for the Food Bank and the fresh food that I can get for my family.”

Programs to Help Neighbors Live Healthier Lives

Together, our programs represent a well-rounded set of strategies to fill service gaps in the community. We target the highest need communities through our education and wellness programs, providing incredible depth and long-term connection. Our education, health, and wellness programs serve as food access points, offer opportunities for education, and promote social support and community collaboration, addressing the root causes of food insecurity.