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Organizations for Older Adults & Veterans

Senior Focused Partnerships

Serving seniors for an active, healthy life

Senior focused organizations help us identify older adults with the highest need across our communities. Many older adults face unique challenges related to hunger and food insecurity, often needing to choose between paying for medical bills or groceries. We work with active aging organizations and senior housing complexes to provide resources to older adults facing food insecurity. Our partnership with Meals on Wheels and our Prepared Meals helps us reach seniors who are homebound. Senior focused partners account for 14% of our food provider network.

Food & Wellness for Seniors

Older adults who live in poverty and are precariously housed are more likely to be chronically ill, live with multiple illnesses, have poor nutrition, high stress and loneliness, all of which are factors of social exclusion. Together, our programs represent a well-rounded set of strategies to fill service gaps in the community for ensuring access to real, healthy food.