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Community Agency Network

Partners in Progress

agency network
photo: Peggy Peterson

A Network of 160+ Member Agencies

Through our partnerships with our food and fund donors and the strategic infrastructure of our distribution systems, we are able to efficiently process and move food and resources throughout our county. Working with over 160 agencies to ensure we reach as many food insecure households as possible, our network of partners is purposefully diverse and our strongest asset as a food bank. We understand food insecurity is one component intertwined with many other issues related to poverty. We work collaboratively with our partners to ensure a holistic approach and we integrate our efforts with partners who offer a multitude of health and human services including housing, medical care, shelter, education, among many other areas.

Our Community Agency Network is comprised of our food distribution partners including Food Cupboards and Hot Meal Sites, School and Child Focused Organizations, Senior Focused Organizations, Health Care Providers, and Other Community Based Organizations. Our first line of defense against hunger and food insecurity is our food pantry network, though this is not our only approach. Food insecure families in Chester County experience many barriers to healthy food access, some that are not easily addressed through the traditional food pantry model making multiple food access channels essential.

Strength in Support

As a member agency of Chester County Food Bank, each partner organization is able to receive food, capacity-building support, as well as education and wellness programming. Our varied programs and services allow us to reach diverse communities throughout our county.

Beyond food distribution, we provide the support and expertise for agency leaders to maximize their capacity to serve members. We assist our agencies in many ways, from consultations for technology and equipment to providing food safety and nutrition education. We have helped our network secure funding to increase cold storage to provide more meals while reducing food waste. As we protect and build the individual strengths of each agency, we safeguard our food security network. With a strong food safety-net system in the county, we are poised to focus on more than emergency needs. Through our programs, we provide the necessary support to address root causes, helping to strengthen families and communities.

Strength in Numbers

We strive to build a personal relationship with each partner agency to assess needs, provide food assistance and offer appropriate resources. Together we can strengthen our community and truly make an impact.

Distribution to our Member Agencies

Whether a partner site needs fresh foods, non-perishable foods, pre-made meals, pre-boxed foods, or a combination, we work with each agency to provide the right type and quantity of food while accommodating cultural preferences. We provide anything from weekly distributions, and seasonal pop-up markets, to intermittent emergency support. Partners have the option to partake in two government food programs The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) and the State Food Purchase Program (SFPP), though many exclusively receive purchased and donated foods.