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School & Child Focused Organizations

Nourishing Children

One of Our Most Vulnerable Populations

Schools and child focused organizations allow us to prioritize thousands of our community’s children. We know that children are uniquely vulnerable to the impacts of food insecurity as their development, health, and education are compromised by hunger and malnutrition. In addition to our food pantry network, we serve additional children by partnering with public schools, charter schools, preschools, afterschool programs, Head Start, WIC, and other child focused community organizations who collectively make up 33% of our partner network. We work with all 14 school districts in Chester County focusing on areas with the highest concentration of need.

school and child focused

1 in 5 school-age children in Chester County is food insecure.

Helping Our Community Feed Kids

Together, our programs represent a well-rounded set of strategies to fill service gaps in the community. We target the highest need communities through our education and wellness programs, providing incredible depth and long-term connection. Our education, health, and wellness programs serve as food access points, offer opportunities for education, and promote social support and community collaboration, addressing the root causes of food insecurity.