Corporate Partners & Foundations

Generous financial and food contributions to our annual operating fund keep our refrigerators and freezers running, an adequate and ongoing supply of healthy food ready for timely distribution and our nutrition programs operating, so we can continue our work through our network of member agencies to serve our neighbors struggling with food insecurity.

Our partnerships are much more than a check and a handshake. There is shared value in working together to close the meal gap in our community. Corporations, businesses and foundations who invest in the Food Bank’s work create a more nourished and healthy community. We strive to build a personal relationship with each partner to promotes corporate social responsibility, expand employee engagement, foster knowledge around food and health issues, and ultimately fight hunger and provide access to food in our community.

Partner with Us

We invite you to learn more about the Food Bank by scheduling a time to meet with us and take a brief tour. Contact Andrea Youndt, Chief Executive Officer, to schedule your visit. 610-873-6000 x102