Meet the Team: Nick Popov, Director of Warehouse and Logistics

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As part of our reach into Chester County’s communities, we proudly present the first in a series of monthly stories highlighting one part of the Food Bank that works cohesively to feed, educate and introduce our programs into local residences, schools and businesses. We aim to give you valuable insight into what we do by sharing information about an individual who represents a specific…

We’re Always Prepared for Emergency Response

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It always pays to be prepared for emergencies—a first-aid kit in a backpack, a spare tire in the trunk of your car and a fire extinguisher in the kitchen are simple, everyday examples of how we can keep ahead of troubling situations that can crop up unexpectedly.

While the Chester County Food Bank is known for continuously striving to bring food insecurity for…

“Heat or Eat”: Some Neighbors Have to Make This Difficult Choice

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As we head into February, it’s hard to believe the hustle and bustle of the holidays was just a month ago. Unfortunately, as the chill of winter blasts through the hills and towns of Chester County, our communities are still in desperate need. Hunger takes no holiday.

Those less fortunate still require heat and hot water and other social services, in addition…

Your Year-End Deductions Can Make a Difference in Chester County

Posted on December 28, 2016 by

Looking to squeeze in another tax deduction before 2016 is but a memory? We’ll take it! Your year-end donation makes a world of difference for those served by the Chester County Food Bank.

Your gift of any size helps us provide nutritious, healthy food to our hungry neighbors. This year, our generous donors enabled us to distribute 2.3 million pounds of food…

A New Day Dawns: Helping Victims Become Survivors of Human Trafficking

Posted on December 22, 2016 by

Human trafficking is defined as a form of modern slavery (labor and/or sexual) that occurs in every state, including Pennsylvania.
Emma (not her real name; details changed for anonymity) continued walking toward town in a chilly, windswept rain. At 14 years old, she can’t drive yet and she was saving what little cash she had to take a bus into the city. Her…

Meals on Wheels + CCFB = Serving Our Neighbors

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One of our most rewarding programs is with our friends at Meals on Wheels of Chester County. Through this partnership, we make sure 2,000 meals move through Meals on Wheels each month.

“We enjoy being able to do this, and especially hearing the stories that come back from volunteers,” said Chester County Food Bank’s Food Drive & Procurement Coordinator Claudia Rose-Muir. “It…

Brandywine Valley Water Garden Tour Donates $17,000 to Food Bank

Posted on December 13, 2016 by Anne Shuniak

Now in its 13th year, the Brandywine Valley Water Garden tour is the premier tour of its kind in Chester County featuring over 35 water features and gardens throughout the county. Since 2010, at the suggestion of Senator Dinniman, the Tour has benefited the Chester County Food Bank and has contributed over $97,000.

The two day, self-guided tour held in July offers an…

#GivingTuesday Is November 29—Join Us!

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There’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but did you know about #GivingTuesday? This global awareness day kicks off the giving season and reminds us there are hungry Chester County residents to serve throughout the holidays and into the new year.

The Chester County Food Bank (CCFB) is grateful for the outpouring of support surrounding Thanksgiving that enables us to feed so many of our…

Hunters: Share the Harvest with Your Food Bank

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Did you know there’s a program that helps make sure interested hunters may share their bounty with those less fortunate? The Chester County Food Bank was grateful to receive 5,150 pounds of venison in 2015, thanks to Hunters Sharing the Harvest (HSH) and generous local hunters.

HSH is a charitable program that connects hunters with butchers across Pennsylvania who are dedicated to getting…

Coordinating a Local Food Drive: The Power of One and the Power of Many

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The communities of bucolic Chester County are well known for stepping up to the plate when needed—and we need your assistance now more than ever. Many of our neighbors struggle with basic needs all year long, and as the weather begins to turn colder and the holidays approach, we once again need you to rally around to make life easier and to provide for…