Kale Yeah! October 4 is National Kale Day

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Kale, the unexpected rock star of green vegetables, is getting its own special day: October 4 is National Kale Day! These days, it seems like there’s a “holiday” for practically everything, but this is one that we’re happy to celebrate. Nutrition is a core value at Chester County Food Bank, and kale (plus collards, and other greens in the brassica family) are jam…

Feeding Families Through Government Programs

Posted on September 19, 2017 by

At the Chester County Food Bank (CCFB), our mission is to feed as many people as possible. We do this through different channels, like our Fresh2You mobile market, and through partnerships, such as Meals on Wheels. In addition, we also rely on two key government programs to help us fulfill our mission.

Since our opening day in November 2009, the CCFB has received funds through…

CCFB’s Top 5 FAQs (We’ve Got Answers!)

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There’s a lot going on here at the Chester County Food Bank, so it’s no surprise that we receive many questions from our wonderful supporters. There is a handy FAQ page on our website, but there are a few specific questions we hear more frequently. To hopefully make things easier, we thought we’d share our top five frequently asked questions, along with…

Did You Know We “Rescue” Food?

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They’re scenes that may be all too familiar: a supermarket has flats of produce a few days away from expiration that need to be rotated out to make way for “fresher” stuff; a farmer faces a bumper crop in her field that will ripen faster than she and her crew can harvest; a community sports team hosts a summer BBQ and has hundreds of…

September is Hunger Action Month: 14 Ways to Get Involved

Posted on September 13, 2017 by

September is a month of change and renewal: School is back in session and vacation is over. As the oppressive heat of summer dissipates, we’re reenergized and reactivated. It’s the perfect time to take stock and press forward with projects and passions. So, while the Chester County Food Bank works 12 months a year to address and combat food insecurity in our community…

Food Bank Community Aids Hurricane Victims

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The Chester County Food Bank is in communication with our regional food bank neighbors and Feeding America to educate our communities about providing food assistance to the people of Texas and the Gulf region affected by Hurricane Harvey.

When disaster strikes, the Feeding America network is on the ground and ready to deliver food and emergency supplies to help people cope in the aftermath. The…

A Fresh Partnership: Downingtown Farmers Market & Fresh2You

Posted on August 25, 2017 by

There’s nothing like wandering around a farmers’ market on a Saturday morning, perusing lovely heaps of product, chatting with farmers, vendors and neighbors, and soaking up the community vibes. It’s a pleasure enjoyed by lots of people, and yet remains inaccessible to so many. Access to farm-fresh food is at the heart of Chester County Food Bank’s mission, and is why…

Meet Our Community Partner: Paul Wilkinson of Mogreena

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Nestled into a little corner of Modena is Waste Oil Recyclers, a green company that picks up used cooking oil from restaurants and recycles it into biodiesel. Another company, Organic Mechanics, shares the property as well; they make organic potting soil, compost and other gardening products. These two eco-minded entities have apportioned some of their compound for container gardens, an initiative they call the…

Have a Bounty in Your Garden? Share with Your Neighbors

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It’s that glorious time of summer when hours of sunshine during the day and a good soaking from evening thunderstorms make for happy plants, as evidenced by the backyard and community gardens positively exploding with fresh fruits and veggies. You can see the tomato and squash plants growing in leaps and bound before your very eyes!

Some gardens even become so prolific that the…

Get Ready for the Ratatouille Hullabalooie on August 10!

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Though drive-in movies aren’t the mainstay of summer entertainment that they once were, there’s still something so wonderful about taking in a film under the stars on a steamy summer evening. Thankfully, our children can still know this pleasure, thanks to the many community organizations that have taken to hosting outdoor movies in parks and other public spaces.

On Thursday, August 10…